The Real Cost to Your Family of Not Having an Estate Plan

When most hear the word estate, they think of the wealthy few with numerous large houses, expensive cars, and other substantial assets. However, believe it or not, everyone has an estate. An estate consists of everything you own, including your home, motor vehicle, checking and savings accounts, life insurance, investments, and even your furniture. Yet,…

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What Is the Build Back Better Act and What Are Its Potential Implications for Your California Estate Plan?

Build Back Better Act & California Estate Plan | California Probate and Trust, PC

The House Ways and Means Committee agreed to the tax provisions of the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act (BBBA) on September 15, 2021. If you’ve been following the political news, you may be wondering how this legislative act might affect you—and especially your estate plan. At California Probate and Trust, PC in Fair Oaks,…

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Four Key Elements in California Estate Planning

four key elements in california estate planning

When potential clients begin to discuss estate planning, we attorneys often hear similar concerns repeatedly. They do not want to burden family members who may provide care, especially in a serious illness. They do not want the government to control their real estate or personal property when they die. They want to make sure the…

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5 Benefits of a Living Trust in California

5 Benefits of a Living Trust in California | California Probate and Trust, PC

Are you looking for ways to maximize your estate planning and ensure that you have a comprehensive plan in place? Plenty of people in California turn to the benefits provided by a living trust to accomplish these goals. A living trust attorney can help you decide how to start your living trust and give you…

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