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Where to Store Your Estate Planning Documents

For most people, finally establishing an estate plan is a big step that they have undertaken after years of delay. A second step is making decisions regarding the executor, trustees, beneficiaries, funeral costs and debt, and a third step is actually completing the will. There is, however, a fourth step that is often skipped: placing…

The Real Cost to Your Family of Not Having an Estate Plan

When most hear the word estate, they think of the wealthy few with numerous large houses, expensive cars, and other substantial assets. However, believe it or not, everyone has an estate. An estate consists of everything you own, including your home, motor vehicle, checking and savings accounts, life insurance, investments, and even your furniture. Yet,…

military service

Five Little-Known Facts About Veterans’ Benefits

There are benefit programs (“Aid and Attendance”) through the Department of Veterans Affairs (the VA) that can help wartime veterans and their spouses pay for care, including assisted living, memory care and nursing homes. Here are some little-known facts about these benefits: 1. The veteran does not need to have been involved in actual combat,…

asset protecton

The Medicaid Asset Protection Trust

The irrevocable Medicaid Asset Protection Trust has proven to be a highly effective estate planning tool for many older Americans. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust is right for you and your family. This brief overview is designed to give you a starting point for discussions with…

inherited property paperwork

What to Do With Inherited IRAs

Common questions are estate planning lawyers hear are in regard to inherited IRAs. IRAs are usually among the largest assets inherited. These retirement accounts have been able to grow to such very large amounts because income taxes on the growth in the account are deferred until the owner begins to take distributions. (You may take…

senior car

Medicare and Skilled Nursing Care: When Will Medicare Pay?

Skilled nursing facilities (SNF) Skilled nursing facilities (SNF), commonly called nursing homes or rehab centers, provide temporary and long-term care for those who need medical care while recuperating, or for those who need assistance with daily living on a permanent basis. Financial planning for SNF is an important aspect of estate planning, one that should…

California Probate and Trust, PC Announces Publication of Two Free Guides

California Probate and Trust, PC Announces Publication of Two Free Guides

Fair Oaks California Estate Planning Attorney R. Dustin MacFarlane, the founder of California Probate and Trust, PC,  has released two invaluable guides, 5 Reasons Why You Need An Estate Plan and 5 Reasons Why Your Parents Need An Estate Plan.

heathcare planning

Plan a Family Care Giving Meeting

A family caregiving meeting is an essential tool when dealing with the care of an aging loved one. These meetings are beneficial for helping to keep all family members abreast of decisions that need to be made along with changes in diagnosis or prognosis.  They also help to ensure that all family members feel that…

Can A Spouse Leave An Estate to Children from Previous Marriage?

Can A Spouse Leave An Estate to Children from Previous Marriage?

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Bankruptcy and the Elderly – a Growing Demographic

Bankruptcy for Mature Adults It’s called your “golden years” but for many seniors and baby boomers, there is no gold and retirement savings are too often insufficient to maintain even basic living standards of retirees. In fact, a recent study by the University of Michigan found that baby boomers are the fastest growing age group…

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