California Probate and Trust, PC Releases 5 Critical Steps to Take When Medicare Runs Out

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R. Dustin MacFarlane, Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney, and Founder of the Fair Oaks California-based law firm, California Probate and Trust, PC, has released a guide designed to help children of elderly parents deal with Medicare. Entitled, The Five Critical Steps to Take When Mom’s Medicare Runs Out, it takes readers through a step-by-step appeals process when Medicare tells them their parent’s coverage is about to expire, using a familiar example from real life.

Imagine your mother is in a rehab facility receiving the care she needs when the social worker contacts you. She wants to inform you that your mother’s Medicare coverage will end in a matter of days; if she wants to stay, it’s going to cost her $310 daily, or a whopping $9,000-plus per month! With prices like that, Mom will go broke quickly. However, she’s not well enough to live on her own, and as much as you’d like to take her in, you’re not a trained caregiver, and you have a demanding full-time job.

What’s a devoted child to do when confronted with such a dilemma?

Fortunately, the experienced team at California Probate and Trust, PC has helped thousands of families protect everything Mom (or Dad) has saved and still get her the care she needs. Even if you think Mom has too much money, R. Dustin MacFarlane wants you to forget everything you think you know about Medicaid. He prepared this informative guide to help children of elderly parents take the correct steps to ensure that their Mom or Dad receives the coverage they need and deserve.

“As someone who worked in long-term care and witnessed first-hand that seniors needed help, I encourage everyone to create a detailed estate plan before it gets to the point where a child must deal with Medicare to secure the proper care for an elderly parent,” MacFarlane explains. “At California Probate and Trust, PC, we recognize that none of us knows what tomorrow will bring, but at least we can prepare for it. However, I created this guide to help the children of parents who did not set up a proper estate plan because they still have options. We have helped countless families in this situation protect Mom’s assets while obtaining Medicaid. We’re proud to say that we’ve won every case we’ve ever filed, no matter how complex. We hope our new guide is helpful and look forward to serving even more seniors and their families in the future.”

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R. Dustin MacFarlane and the entire staff at California Probate and Trust, PC care about their clients and go above and beyond to represent their best interests. They listen to their concerns, accompany them to financial institutions and banks, and talk to their insurance agents and bankers to ensure everything is set up correctly before they need it. As MacFarlane says, “We give our clients the peace of mind of knowing that you may not know what tomorrow brings, but at least you are prepared for it.”

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