California Probate and Trust, PC Announces Publication of Two Free Guides

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Estate Planning Firm California Probate and Trust, PC Announces the Publication of Two Free guides: 5 Reasons Why You Need An Estate Plan and 5 Reasons Why Your Parents Need An Estate Plan.


Fair Oaks California Estate Planning Attorney R. Dustin MacFarlane, the founder of California Probate and Trust, PC,  has released two invaluable guides, 5 Reasons Why You Need An Estate Plan and 5 Reasons Why Your Parents Need An Estate Plan. Although few of us like to contemplate the idea of death or of becoming incapacitated and unable to make medical decisions for ourselves, a well-conceived and implemented estate plan can:

  • Preserve your children’s relationships when you are no longer here;
  • Ensure that designated loved ones – not the government – make medical decisions on your behalf;
  • Distribute your assets according to your wishes;
  • Help you avoid the headache of probate court.

“With my background in long term care, I saw firsthand that seniors needed help. It’s what inspired me to go to law school and establish the California Probate and Trust, PC. I created these guides because nothing is more sacred than family, and estate planning’s main purpose is to maintain and strengthen the ties between siblings long after their parents are gone,” notes R. Dustin MacFarlane. “Sadly, according to a recent< survey, the number of adult Americans that have an estate planning document has decreased by nearly 25% since 2017. With these free guides, I hope to make seniors and their children realize that by not having an estate plan, they risk creating chaos and confusion within the family if they become seriously ill or pass away without leaving clear instructions about who gets what and when. There is simply no reason to avoid setting up an estate plan, and countless reasons to sit down with an estate planning attorney to design and implement an estate plan that honors their desires.”

R. Dustin MacFarlane and the entire staff at California Probate and Trust, PC care about their clients and go above and beyond to represent their best interests. They listen to their concerns,  accompany them to financial institutions and banks, and talk to their insurance agents and bankers to ensure everything is set up correctly before they need it. As MacFarlane says, “We give our clients the peace of mind of knowing that you may not know what tomorrow brings, but at least you are prepared for it.”

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